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Media Involvement

As a business/social/cultural psychologist, I act as a commentator on topical issues in the media; in the national and local press, on the radio and on local and national television, including the following:

Interview by BBC  Radio Scotland (20th February 2015) on "The Psychology of fear in organisations"

"Price 'affects enjoyment of meal"   Research in the British Psychological Society website News section, 25th September 2014

"Why are so many older women going topless... for their choice of car as sales of convertibles soar among women over 50? Mail Online 9th July 2014

"Celebrity Scent: The War of the Noses; article in The Independent, 17th June, 2014

"Parents' playground bullying" on Parentdish UK:, March 2014

"Merging finances strengthens relationships", article in the Daily Mail, 19th October, 2013 

"Depression, marriage and low-income mums", article on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website, 17th October, '13

Panellist on Radio 4 programme, The Philosopher's Stone on 'Exploitation', 6th August '13

"Shared experiences are the most powerful",  article on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website, 19th June '13

"Are you falling for the halo?,  article in 'Health and Fitness Magazine', July '13

"Does my purse look squeezed in this?", article in the Sunday Times, 16th June, '13

"Goodbye Kids, hello what",  Interview for Essentials Magazine, May 2013

"Product size shrinks whilst prices remain constant", Interview on Sky TV News, 21st March '13

"The appeal of freebies", interview for BBC Gloucester radio, 5th March '13

"Co-creation in product innovation", Interview on BBC radio 4, Eddie Mair show, 4th January '13

"The war of the noses", article in The Independent on Sunday, 16th December, 2012

"Westminster Council faces the bailiffs" in Private Eye, Rotten Boroughs, December '12

"Body Language as a clue to trustworthiness", article on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website, 13th Sept. '12

"Hey, big spender: the women using websites to date rich men, The Telegraph, 9th August, '12

"The rise of genocide memorials", interview for  BBC News. 11th June'12

"Will adverts at the Olympics increase fast food consumption?" Interview for BBC, 18th April

"Will adverts at the Olympics increase fast food consumption?", Manchesterwired, 18th April

"Fuel crisis: What causes people to panic buy?, TV interview for Al Jazeera English Today, 29th March '12

"Fuel crisis: What causes people to panic buy?, Interviw for BBC Wiltshire, 29th March, '12

"Junk food adverts influence children, article on the British Psychology Society Website, February '12

"Do people eat more to gain social standing?", article on the British Psychology Society website, 24th October '11

"The effect of digital technologies on the brain", Sept 9th, radio interview on Radio New South Wales, Australia

"Are we losing our minds?", InterVIEW, Magazine of the New Zealand MRSNZ October '11

"Internet addiction weakens our mental capabilities", New, September '11

"Internet addiction weakens mental capabilities", Indian Express 10th September '11

"Net addiction weakens mental capability", The Times of India, September 25th, '11

"New age tech or a handicap?", The Asian Age, 21st September'11

"Research: Internet obsession weanens mental capability", Latest Digitals, 12th September ;11

"The incredible shrinking shopping baskets, interview for BBC News Magazine, 13th June, '11

"Internet for dummies", in the Herald Sun, Australia, September 10th, '11

"New US labelling cuts calorie consumption", article on the British Psychological Society website, 28th July '11

"Striking a balance between risk and reward should not be left to chance", The Times, 31st March '11

"Winning the lottery does not change people", article on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website, March '11

"The Savvy Woman's Sales Guide", interview for Prima magazine, January '11

"Debt problems could make people ill without the right support", Debt Management News, 9th July '10

"Young women in the Red", interview for Company Magazine, June, '10

"Want less clutter in your home?  Shop like a man", Interview for Red Magazine, June '10

"An Extravagant wedding can overshadow the marriage", article on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website, June '10

"Home is not where the holiday is: UK staycations lose their appeal", Interview in The Guardian, 7th May '10

"Consumer attitudes to banks and banking", Interview for BBC Five Live, April 2nd '10

"Consumer attitudes to banks and banking", Interviiew on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, April 2nd '10

"Cure your money sickness", interview for Red Magazine, March 2010

"Take the Brakes off", Red Magazine, February 2010

"Supermarket Self-Service Check outs", BBC Breakfast, 12th December, '09

"Supermarket Staff Training", BBC Breakfast, 3rd November '09

"The Psychology of Painting and decorating", BBH, 7th October '09

"The Psychology of Recession", BBC Radio 4 Money Box Special, 22nd and 26th August '09

"The guilty pleasures of reading", BBC One Show, 3rd October '09

"Economic recession: The crisis will compel us to reassess what it means to be happy",  Hot, 4th July, '09

"Bringing Co-creative research into perspective", Research Conference Report, May-June '09

"Co-creation "cannot replace traditional MR", Research, March '09 

"How can we protect ourselves during the recession?", BBC Breakfast, 23rd January '09

"Societal change", Hot News, Rumania, 20th January '09

"How the credit crunch can provoke rows about money", Sunday Telegraph, 21st December '08

"Learning to love Austerity", Sunday Telegraph, 19th October '08

"Apocalypse not: how we're learning to love austerity", The Sunday Telegraph, 19th October '08

"Gold-diggers" News Talk Radio, Ireland, 16th June '08

"The breakdown of community", BBC Breakfast, 18th April '08

"Wartime lessons for the credit crunch", BBC online magazine, 31st March '08

"Who says money can't buy you love, or something like it?", Money Week, 8th February '08

"I'm a gold digger and proud of it", News of the World magazine, 3rd February '08

"The importance of volunteering", Life Channel Video, 2008

"Unease over diagnostic labelling: A response to Sue Roffey", Debate No 125, British Psychological Society, December '07

"Improving Service Culture", BBC Radio Oxford, 1st October '07

"Gold-digging; marrying for money", Richard and Judy Show, August '07

"Grown up children living with their parents", Cheltenham Radio, August '07

"Why not marry for money?", Cape Times 4th July '07

"Confessions of a gold digger", The Independent on Sunday, 1st July '07

"The parent trap", Pretoria News, 24th June '07

"The Parent Trap", The Independent on Sunday, 17th June '07

"What really makes us happy?", Personnel Today, 8th May '07

"Nostalgia and the inner child", The Times, 3rd November '06

"Policy and Opinion", Marketing Week, 27th Sept 06

"Windfall can be sweet or sour", South Wales Argus, 16th August '06

"Wills and family feuds", BBC Radio Birminham, 29th July '06

"Wills and family feuds", BBC London, 29th July '06

"The Psychology of Money" , BBC London, hour long feature, 26th July 2006

"Why we row on holiday", BBC Asian Network, 24th June '06

"Ladies who launch", Good Housekeeping, June '06

"Teenage road safety: Research Findings", Leicester Mercury, 1st May 2006

"Teenage road safety; Research Findings", BBC Radio Leicester, 3rd May '06

"Teenage road safety: Research Findings" , BBC East Midlands Today TV, 4th May '06

"Family Resorts", Florida Magazine, Jan/Feb '06

"Why we still try to impress our parents when we grown up", Vanessa Feltz Show,19th November 2005

"Parents: Kids are hols hell", The Mirror, 17th September '05

"Holidaying with teenage children", BBC London Radio, 21st August '05

"Holidaying with teenage children", Radio 5, 21st August '05

"Holidaying with teenage children", County Radio, 24th August '05

"Family: the cause of many a holiday snap", The Guardian, 29th August '05

"Family Holiday? I'd rather go with workmates", Daily Mail, 28th August '05

"Happy Holidays? Parents would rather stay at home", Daily Express, 22nd August '05

"War at the Door", BBC 1, 2nd June '05

"Recycle for London campaign", ITV, September '04

"Recycle for London campaign, BBC 1, September '04

"Tales of a Landlady: Oops, the wall fell down", The Times, 4th April '04

"Last Refuge of happy bunnies", Financial Times, 13th June, '03

"Bunnybusiness", The Guardian, 9th June '03

"Envy, a daughter locked in a nunnery and the sad secret behind the Bunnykins millions", The Mail on Sunday, 1st June '03

"Obituary: Barbara Vernon Bailey", The Economist, 17th May '03

"Watch out, love rats about", Sunday Express, 17th September '00