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Business Consultancy

Dr Sheila Keegan is Co-Founder of Campbell Keegan Ltd, a business consultancy with roots in social and consumer psychology. CKL works with organisations to generate new thinking and new strategies; developing brands, products and services, internal communications and corporate strategy.

Most of CKL’s consultancy work is anchored in qualitative research. However, research is just the starting point. Experience, training and skills are needed to ensure that research findings can act as a springboard for developing effective client solutions.

CKL has been operating since 1983 and has extensive experience across a wealth of different markets, from fmcg, retail, financial and social research to organisational development and change management.

Some examples of consultancy projects:

  • Evolving advertising strategy for a teenage road safety campaign for DfT
  • Strategy/Advertising development for Weight Watchers
  • Evaluating/steering a year long leadership programme for Oxleas mental health trust
  • Developing strategy on a teenage healthy eating campaign for Food Standards Agency
  • Working on corporate communications and re-structuring within the Cabinet Office
  • Corporate and brand re-positioning for a wide range of manufacturing and service companies, e.g. The Arts Council, Kelloggs, L’Oreal, BAA, GSK, British Airways
  • Psychological profiling of target markets for Norwich Union
  • Strategic development for Nintendo/Mario
  • Strategy development: Policing in the UK

Campbell Keegan facilitates client ‘think tanks’, Creative Workshops and Breakthrough Events and/or provides an ongoing ‘consumer voice’ within a broad spectrum of plcs and government departments.

Please contact Sheila Keegan or Rosie Campbell if you would like to discuss a potential project:
0208 994 1017
0207 274 9520

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