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Academic/Research Publications

My particular interest is in bringing together academic and commercial practitioner communities, so that each side can learn from the other; the two disciplines have, over the years, taken separate paths and there is very limited cross fertilization between the two.  Much of my academic writing is an attempt to bridge the divide and to help develop and share knowledge which will enrich both communities.



University of Hertfordshire (Organisational Change/Complexity Sciences):
Thesis, “Re-invigorating and re-defining the practise of qualitative inquiry within a business context”


Social Psychology, London School of Economics


Psychology, University of Portsmouth


Design (Photography), Richmond College

Published books and Chapters

Sheila Keegan (2015) "The Psychology of fear in organisations", Kogan Page

Sheila Keegan (2013) part 4:  Creating healthy organisations in a time of fear and uncertainty, in 'The non significant  Journal of Business & Consumer Psychology

Sheila Keegan (2013) Part 3:  Exploring qualitative approaches to enhancing and evaluating productivity within organisations'  in 'The non significant  Journal of Business & Consumer Psychology, Vol. 2.2

Sheila Keegan (2013) (Vol. 2.2 Autumn in 'The non significant  Journal of Business & Consumer Psychology , Vol 2.1.

Sheila Keegan (2013) (Vol. 1.2. Autumn in 'The non significant  Journal of Business & Consumer Psychology , Vol 1.2

Sheila Keegan (2012) "Organizational health in a climate of fear and uncertainty", Emergent Publications

Sheila Keegan (Spring 2012) "Creating healthy organisations in a time of fear and uncertainty" in 'The non-significant Journal of Business & Consumer Psychology) Volume 1.1

Sheila Keegan (2011) "Qualitative Research as Emergent Inquiry", Emergent Publications

Sheila Keegan (2009) “Qualitative Research: Good Decision Making Through Understanding People, Cultures and Markets”; Kogan Page. Link

Sheila Keegan (2008) Re-defining Qualitative Research within a Business Context. Emergent Inquiry: Integrating Research and Business Strategy, Verlag Dr Muller

Sheila Keegan (2008) Contributions on “Market Research”, “Projective Techniques”, “Photographs in qualitative research” and “Non verbal communication” in Given, L.M. (Ed). “The Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods”

Sheila Keegan (1999) Two chapters contributed to "Women Travel; first-hand accounts", A Rough Guide Special, edited by Jansz, Davies & McDougall


Conference papers/Seminars/Articles/Video presentations


Talk at Goa Institute of Management, India, on "Creating an inclusive society", 11th February


Paper given a the Qualitative Methods in Psychology Conference (QMiP) : The role of qualitative psychology in organisational change."

"Creating healthy organisations in a time of fear and uncertainty", (Part 4) Paper in >0.05; the non-significant Journal of Business and Consumer Psychology, Autumn 2013, Volume 2.2

Panel contributor on Radio 4 programme, The Philosopher's Stone on' Exploitation'

"Creating healthy organisations in a time of fear and uncertainty", (Part 3) Paper in >0.05; the non-significant Journal of Business and Consumer Psychology, Spring 2013, Volume 2.1

"Understanding and shaping customer experience: A psychological perspective" repeat of presentation below: given to the ICG, 16th May

"Understanding and shaping customer experience: a Psychological perspective", Presentation given to the Independent Consultants Group (ICG) and the Association of Users of Research (AURA), 2nd May

Careers talk on business psychology at St Michaels Grammar School, 17th April

"Organisational health in a climate of fear and uncertainty", webinar given to the ICG, March 7th, 2013,


"Creating healthy organisations in a time of fear and uncertainty (Part 2)", Paper in  The non-Significent Journal of Business and Consumer Psychology, Vol. 1.1, Autumn 2012, Vol. 1.2

"The Psychology of Fear: How we can harness fear to fuel innovation", Keynote Paper given at the Direct Marketing Assocation Conference, 15th November 2012

"Creating healthy organisations in a time of fear and uncertainty (Part 1)", Paper in The non-Significent Journal of Business and Consumer Psychology, Vol. 1.1, Spring 2012

"Digital technologies are re-shaping our brains: What are the implications for society and the research industry?, Qualitative Market Research: An international Journal, Vol 15, Issue 3, pp. 328-346 

"Managing the effects of digital technologies", seminar for the Association of Business Psychologies, 20th March


Review of Esomar Qualitative Conference 2011: Embrace, Inspire and Celebrate, []

Podcast: "Technology and the brain", on ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia, September

"How Technology is changing the way we think: Exploring the implications for society and the research industry", Paper given at the Esomar Qualitative 2011 conference in Vienna, November 13 [available on WARC]

"Have we lost our minds?", keynote paper at the AMSRA annual conference, Sydney Australia, Sept 8/9th Sept. '11

"Are we losing our minds - and does it matter?" Paper given at the Association for Qualitative Research 'Q' Festival, 16th June, '11 

"Are we losing our minds?", article on Research website, 16th June '11

"Chasing the Rainbow", article written for AQR In Brief magazine, January '11

"Lessons on Happiness from Bhutan, Royal Mail Contact Magazine, January '11


"Event Review: AQR-QRCA Conference 7-9th May 2008, Barcelona, article in Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin, No 10, October '10

"Citizens and Institutions of the Future; rethinking problem solving within the Police Service", paper given at the Qualitative Methods in Psychology annual confererence, August 23rd - 25th

"A history of research", article written for Admap, July/August '10

"Recent advances in Qualitative Research", webinar delivered to AMSRA Australia, July 27th, '10

"Through a glass darkly", article in The Indie (ICG) magazine, May '10

"Creating Healthy Organisations in the wake of recession", Paper given at the AQR/QRCA conference in Prague, 19-21st May '10

"The Mating of Prickles and Goo or How we might foster healthier organisations (and society)  Paper given at the Marketing Society of Ireland, Dublin, March 2010

"Workshop Review: Analysing the language of interviews", review of a workshop given by Greg Myers and Sofia Lampropoulou, at Birkbeck college, 13th November '09, QMRI, Vol 13, Iss 2, '10, pp 210-212

"Developing more effective problem solving within the Police Service", paper given at the Post-graduate Business Psychology conference at the University of Westminster, March 22nd '10 (Winner of Best Paper award)


"Re-thinking the interaction of the police and the public", Paper given at a symposium on Policing for the future, organised by the RSA, 14th December '09

“Too much noise about co-creation”, article in Research Magazine, October

"Is co-creation overhyped?, Research, 28th September,

“Emergent Inquiry’: A Practitioner’s Reflections on the Development of Qualitative Research”, QMRIJ Volume 12, Number 2, p 234-248. Link

“Co-creation: The source of all wisdom or the blind leading the blind?”, Proceedings of the Annual Market Research Society Conference, published in WARC. (Winner of ‘Best Paper’) Link

“Conference Review: British Psychological Society Qualitative Methods in Psychology inaugural conference 2-4 Sept. 2008”, QMRJI Vol 12, Issue 1

“The Elephant in the Dark: How co-creation helps to build the bigger picture” Keynote paper given at the Market Research Society Singapore Conference, August '09


“Emergent Inquiry: Reflections on the Development of Qualitative Research”, Shortlisted for the MRS David Winton Award for Innovation in research methodology

“Review of the QMiP Conference”, in the AQR ‘In Brief’ magazine, Autumn. Link

“Bridging the Academic-practitioner divide”, Paper given at the BPS Inaugural Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section Conference

“Bridging the practitioner-academic divide”, QMRIJ, Vol 11, No 1 (Keegan, S. Tinsan, J. & Nancarrow, C.). Link

“Review of the AQR-QRCA Conference”, in BPS Qualitative Methods in Psychology magazine, May

“Conference Review: AQR-QRCA Conference 7-9 May, 2008”, QMRJI, Vol 11, Issue 4. Link


“The Pursuit of Happiness. Gross National Happiness in Bhutan: What can we learn for the UK?” Proceedings from the Annual Market Research Conference, published in WARC. Link to WARC, pdf

“How women view their bodies”, article in AQR ‘In Brief’ magazine, Jan/Feb. Link, pdf

“The commercial-academic divide: never the twain shall meet?”,  in International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 49, Issue 1. Link

“Creativity and Connecting to Business”, article in The Indie, Dec 06-Jan 07

“Emerging to a Brave New World”, article in AQR, In Depth, Summer. Link, pdf


“Happiness, Values and Society”, Henry Stewart Talks

“Emerging from the cocoon of Science”, in The Psychologist Vol.19, No 11, December. Link, pdf

“In Search of the non-verbal”, article in BPS Qualitative Methods in Psychology Newsletter Issue 1, May

“The Pursuit of Happiness”, article in BPS Qualitative Methods in Psychology Newsletter, Issue 2, October

“A child by any other name”, article in AQR ‘In Brief’ magazine, March. Link

“The Pursuit of Happiness”, article in Research News, Australian Market & Social Research Society, Vol 23, No 11, December

“The ‘Whole’ researcher: re-integrating science and imagination”, Keynote paper, proceedings from the ASMRA Annual Conference, Melbourne, Australia. pdf

"Unifying Science and Imagination", in  Newsletter of the MRNZ, September/October

“Road Safety: High Risk Teens”, Paper given at the International Conference at the University of Leicester, Department of Clinical Psychology

“Emergent Inquiry’; the new qualitative research?”, Paper given at the British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference


“Qual marches into fresh pastures”, in AQR ‘In Brief’ magazine. Link

“Qualitative Research: The Hidden Persuader”, Organisations & People Journal, (AMED) Vol 12, No 4. Link, pdf

“Emergent Inquiry: The ‘New’ qualitative research?”, Proceedings from the AQR/QRCA Bi-Annual Conference, Dublin.(Winner of Best Paper Award)  Link, pdf

“The Price of Pitching”, article in the AQR Directory and Handbook. Link


“Leading the Way: New perspectives on cultural change are throwing the spotlight on qualitative research”, Special report in Research magazine, August


“A Lion in the Mist: Why does qualitative research keep underselling its strategic potential?”, Proceedings from the AQR/QRCA Bi-Annual Conference, Lisbon. (Winner of the Best Paper Award) Link, pdf


“In the public eye”,article in Research magazine, November. pdf

“Technology off its pedestal”, article in Research magazine, February

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